foto ilirIlir Butka è nato a Tirana nel 1965. Laureato all'Accademia delle Belle Arti di Tirana 1985–1989
Painting/Art Director (Set designing).





xxxxxx abandonment serie emigration serie 1 duo serie bodies serie
  emigration serie 2 serie triptique emigration serie out of the windo

1989/1991 - Art Director (Set designing), scriptwriter, animation director “Shqiperia e Re” Film Studios1996/1998 - Art Director “Gjeli” Production and Postproduction Studio
Co-founder of the first audio-video production studio in Albania enabling the use of the most advanced digital technologies in the production of the above mentioned: Spots, Jingle TV, Video clips
1996 - Academy of Arts, Lector
1998 - Fasada Studio, Production and post-production studio, Art Director, Producer, Scriptwriter, Director
2000 - Caviar Produzioni SRL, ProducerAlbania Film Commission, Director/Co-founder of Albania Film Commission Cannes Film Festival,France,  Representative of Albania Film Commission in the framework of the project “Umbrella”
2001 - International Hong Kong Film Festival, Representative of some productions and of Albania Film Commission in Hong Kong Film Festival
Participant in the workshop “New digital technologies in cinematography”
2002 - First competition of the best scenario for short films (organised by the Albanian National Centre of Cinematography), Scriptwriter  
Won the Prize for the best script with the movie Tunnel, enabling the production of the film with the funds of the Albanian National Centre of Cinematography and Fasada Studios.
The Movie “Tunnel” participated in several film festivals: “Mediterranean Short Film Festival“ in Tanger, Marocco, International Short Film Festival "Letni filmove skoly" in Czech Republic.
Guest director in the “International Youth Festival“ in Ecatherini, Greece.
Participant in “International Short Film Festival“ in Siena, Italy.
2003 - Marubi 2003 - International Photography Contest, (National Gallery of Arts), Curator.
FAMA, Foundation Art Media Albania. President of the board
Organisation of a cultural activities among which the International Short Film Festival of Tirana
-BITEF, International Theatre Festival of Belgrad - Scenography
2004 - Participant in "THE INEVITABLE" Highlights from the Western Balkans Short films (Nordisk Panorama, Reykjavik, Danish Film Institute/Cinematheque, Copenhagen)
2006 - Guest director in the "SALENTO FINIBUS TERRAE"  - International Short Films Festival, Italy
2003 - 2006 - Tirana International Film Festival. Director of Festival. the first and the only international film festival in Albania.
2004 - Albanian Art Institute. President of the board
2005 - Academy of Arts. Professor
Siena International Short Film Festival. Jury member
“Fan Noli” Foundation (Foundation on Art and Culture). Chairman
2006 - Albanian National Centre of Cinematography. Member of the board. Film Editing
Lecce European Film Festival. Jury member
Maremetraggio - International Short Films Festival
2007 - BRIFF - International Short Films Festival. Jury member
2013 - Albanian National Centre of Cinematography - President of the board
First Edition of the  “La Vela Latina”  (organised by Confartigianato Brindisi con Azzurro 2000)
Price Winner
Other activités: Member of the filmmaker’s society “Lumiere”



Aleksander Gashi
pianista, compositore
cittadino italiano per meriti artistici